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  • 2017, September-October, participation in Ground Signals exhibition and artist residency with Peter Morin,  Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, British Columbia 
  • January 22 2017, the  Quatuor Saint-Germain will play the String Quartet No 1 (The Awakening) by Christos Hatzis. Hatzis ans Marie Côté will participate with the audience,via Skype, in a post-concert talk on the importance of throat singing in their work. Musée régional de Rimouski.
  • Fall 2016, artist-in-residence program at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC),Yukon
  • "Contours, détours et retournements", Marie Perrault, curator, Maison des arts de Laval, May 1 2016, Regional Museum of Rimouski, October 6 2016
  • La fabrique culturelle, video of the making of a raw clay drawing, Regional Museum of Rimouski
  • September 10, in the small gallery of Oboro, from the OBOROMobile collection, a video-document of Lysa Iqaluk and Annesie Nowkawalk's throat singing performance recorded during the Of Bowls and Voices exhibition in 2013.